Breast Cancer: More Than Just A Pink Ribbon

October has come and gone and while the topic of breast cancer begins to fade out of the spotlight it becomes even more important to keep the conversation going.


How about the fact that every 23 seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer, and every 69 seconds someone dies from breast cancer. Or that 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Let’s think about that for a second. That means if I line up my mom, my grandmother, my two sisters, my girlfriend, her mom and sister and just one of my best friends it is almost guaranteed that one of these women in my life will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s insane. No wait, that’s terrifying and I challenge you to think about breast cancer in the same way. Go ahead, write down on a piece of paper the 8 most important women in your life and tell me… is it acceptable that anyone of these women are diagnosed with breast cancer? I didn’t think so.

Let’s do something about it!

My girlfriend Jen decided it was time to stop talking about how she wishes she could do something and she signed up for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure to recognize her Aunt Sue who is a breast cancer survivor. A challenge to raise $2,300 for breast cancer research and walk 60 miles in three days in the fight to end breast cancer. Initially my goal was to train with her to support her, however it quickly became clear that it wasn’t enough. I felt an obligation to Jen and all the women in my life to stand up and do something about breast cancer. So I am working to raise $2,300 and will walk 60 miles in 3 days with Jen to help put an end to a cancer that knows no boundaries.

I can’t do it alone – I need your help!

Let’s stand up for the women in our lives. I know that not everyone can commit and take the time to train and walk 60 miles, but I do know that everyone can donate something to help fight breast cancer. I’ve currently raised $900 and need an additional $1,400 by this Wednesday November 23, 2011 to walk. Please join and help support me as I try to do my small part in fighting breast cancer.

Just click the following link and donate today – don’t wait.

Wanna go the extra mile?

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3 thoughts on “Breast Cancer: More Than Just A Pink Ribbon

  1. Jen Myer

    Thank you so much, Jon!! I can’t wait to walk with you for my Aunt Sue & this awesome cause! I love you! xoxo

    You can do it 🙂

  2. ann ashfield

    jen and jon i am very pround of you for working so hard and loveing sue so much,this is aunt annie and i will do want i can for sue i love her very much,keep up the good work and god bless you both on this long journey.

    love ya aunt annie


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